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Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by MC_Scout, Mar 13, 2016.

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    First off, this is not directed to any one person, everyone has been posting this, and Im getting tired of repeating my self on every thread, so Ill just post it here.

    People seem to forget that time is linear with age. As time goes on, so does age, and eventually people get tired of something.

    Minecraft and this server are no different. Minecraft started as nothing, and then gained popularity. It was popular for a few years, but is slowing down a bit, its still popular, but just a little less. The server is the same way. It started as nothing, and then built up into something. Its in the middle of the school year, traffic has traditionally been lower during this time, and it will probably go back up in the summer.

    But perhaps the server is dieing. What are we going to do about it? Nothing, you cant.

    There have been plenty of video games that used to be huge, think of World of Warcraft. It used to be the hottest thing for PC gaming, then it died down. Minecraft and the server are no different.

    All things must come to an end. Freaking out and complaining wont work, people just move on, thats how this world works.

    The best thing to do is enjoy this server while it lasts, and not be so concerned about a small drop in traffic.
    You cant stop the inevitable, but you can enjoy this until it comes.
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    LolNope. If I had one, it'd most likely be "SmolSkel"
    True. It's like any other game now.
    Who here still plays, say, Modern Warfare 3 on a daily basis instead of Black Ops 3? I know that they're sequels, but really.
    Who plays FNAF 1 more than Undertale now?
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    I 100% agree with you. Everything must die down. Just like any other big server and big games out there, it will die down eventually.
    People shouldn't worry about how much time is left until the server goes down, but what they will do to enjoy the server before that time comes. :)
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    Nice thread.
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    I was just playing MW2 whoops.

    But yes, I completely agree, people are making something so simple such a big deal for absolutely no reason. People are saying "oh no the server is dying!!111!1!11" when really there's just less people on the server and that's usually for a good reason.
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    LolNope. If I had one, it'd most likely be "SmolSkel"
    I didn't say MW 2, did I? :p
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    Unless there is a better addition to Minecraft like updates that are really major or more minigames and fancy stuff such as making that right hand side of the screen more fancier with colour and additional things like coins and gems to the game, the server may not die so quickly like Mineplex the #1 server in the world. This server could have a chance.
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    Well things must end in a simple way. All things end like those 90's old clothing, new things live and old things die. We can't really stop this because we want something fresh and good not the same game we always play.

    Minecraft isn't dying because it updates every time. Every update is fresh and new, sometimes we hate it but we get along with it all the time. Problem why is there less people is real life. Traffic, school, vacation and as we all know, the adult life. We leave games behind but the new ones get into it. If we always play it until the old age, we would probably look like a fat person just keep playing computer and us getting new glasses since it becomes blurry and blurry. Computer has bad effects so we really need to leave it at the good time, after college.

    Minecraft and the server isn't dying, itself is getting new people.

    Make it as an example:
    FNAF still lives because of the sequels but the first game is dead since everyone tried it. FNAF is like a mini-game map in G-Mod that you paid to play, it eventually dies.

    Minecraft isn't that, its always a whole new thing to everyone making cool maps and mini-games in the server played by Youtubers and friends.

    Enjoy the time :P
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    All this is, is a population crash. The fact that this server hasn't updated to 1.9, nor supported both 1.9 and 1.8 has brought the population down. Currently, a lot of users are using 1.9 at the moment, because that is the latest update there is. You must also remember that over 70% of the servers population are unseen new members that have never played on this server before. Most of those players would be using 1.9, since that's the only update they would be familiar with. If this server were to support both versions, then they should really not have a problem with it.

    Of course servers must die down sometime, but that is not the case here, and I can tell you that.

    Everybody, stop what your doing and listen to me. Like I said, this is a population crash. It is caused by a delay implemented by The Minecraft developers (1.9, which btw the server doesn't even support), and is a simple fix. This server is not dyeing, nobody is going anywhere, and all of the well-known people you notice are still hanging around, who by the way, don't make up the majority. As long as we can maintain enough new comers to keep this server alive, then we will be fine. Please stop freaking out about the server dyeing, because it's not.
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    Finally, someone has stated this.
    It's getting very annoying with all of these threads, and when I saw this thread, I thought, "Oh great another complaint about popularity."
    But that's not what this thread is about.

    This thread should be read by a lot of people, because it is true.
    I saw this on a website saying something about this:

    "So, I've been a Minecraft player since the first version of Alpha. It used to be a game I always came on and played, single-player and multiplayer, however, over the past 2 years, I've gotten quite bored of it and it doesn't really interest me as it used it. I feel like a lot of the original people that really boosted Minecraft on Youtube and on different platforms are slowly drifting off, and the community isn't as strong anymore. The whole Microsoft buyout and the consistency and interesting aspect of updates is also a concerning key-point of this, I think.

    ...Maybe it's just because I'm older and because I don't play it, and I feel differently about the game now."

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    I just love the server and dont want to see it end I hate those days where im on kitpvp and no one else is I love people and I love seeing people play. I want the traffic to increase and I feel like we can stop it at least the server from declining we need to make it more appealing maybe new games or something awesome that could be done to slow down the inevitable. I love the server dont want to see it gone one day. :p:p:p
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    True that, it's like when you have cancer and you're soon going to die.
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    One thing I want to say; We can't stop people from thinking the way they do. There's little chance we can get almost everyone to understand that the Minecraft game is dieing down slowly. As to your main point of this thread, I couldn't agree any more. I've seen so many people 'sad' or 'down' because the server isn't as 'popular' as it used to be. I'm fine with them thinking that, but I tend to say 'Nothing built lasts forever (That's one of my favorite quotes). Minecraft was built up as that game to play, and now it's 'Call of Duty', 'Undertale', 'etc'. There are many more examples I could list, but I feel like I have gotten my point across. In conclusion, Minecraft is still an amazing game. No matter how you look at it, Minecraft was one of the gaming communities biggest revolutions. A renaissance, if anyone knows what that is. Minecraft will always hold a special place to me, as this is my first major video-game that I have played. I also had some of my best moments of my childhood playing this game.

    Scout, thank you for making this.
    When I used the term 'Renaissance', in my reply, I wasn't meaning the Renaissance that involved the revival of art and culture. I meant as the Renaissance means rebirth, and the gaming community had a 'rebirth' when Minecraft was released.
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    Well said, couldn't have said it better myself.
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    I just bribe my friends until they like it lmao, then they bribe their friends.
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    Me. I do.
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    I'm going to state my opinion here, This is simply my opinion and you dont have to agree with it.

    I don't understand why people say Minecraft is a dying game, when really im not seeing it. Minecraft has never been as big as it is now, We've got new updates, whole conventions coming soon, Many diverse minigames to play, Boatloads of Merchandise and many people making Minecraft mods and maps and stuff to keep the game going. There is always something new to do in Minecraft its just you have to go and see what people have to offer. Plus, Mojang sold about 12 million copies of the game. that's a pretty high number if you look at it.

    Minecraft is BIG. really big, it's not dying anytime soon. We've got a Minecraft movie in the works, more merchandise on the way and lots of other things too. :) I believe the reason why people think Minecraft is dying is because the game is getting boring to them and not to others.
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