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    Oh boy where to begin?

    So most of you might have a clue to what this thread is going to be about.
    Some might, that's ok.

    This thread is about what happened a year ago, and all the events leading up to today.

    Note: Please keep in mind my timezone. It may not be the 17th for you yet but it is certainly for me

    One year ago today, I resigned.
    It was both one of the best and worst decisions of my life.
    I love my position as Staff. Helper, Mod, and now Mod+, I have enjoyed it all.
    But resigning allowed me to step away from here for a little while and improve on my life and how I came about things.

    One of the most interesting things about it was that unlike most people, who pondered about resigning for months upon months, I spent significantly less time.

    1 month?
    2 weeks?
    1 week?
    5 days?
    2 days?
    1 day?
    12 hours?
    6 hours?
    2 hours...?

    Yes. I spent 2 hours and decided "let's have some fun!!!"
    Of course after the whole "omg I actually did it" feeling wore off, I felt like shit.
    One of the sole points of happiness in my life and I cut myself off from it.

    A lot of stuff happened. Most of you know. Things changed and so I ended up being very glad I was no longer Staff, as then I was not a burden to the Staff team.

    The feeling of burden is a harsh one, and was a big reason to why I resigned.
    I was unhappy in real life and it creeped over to the position. I ended up becoming quite inactive, even though it may not have looked as such.
    So rather than be a useless inactive Staff, I decided I would resign and allow the Staff team to be mostly active Staff.

    So basically after that I was inactive on the server because I don't enjoy Minecraft that much.

    Until Farmking.
    The first hour it was out, I was forced online to play it by a certain Admin.
    Good stuff. It was a game I could play because afking was fun.
    True to myself I didn't report 24/7 but only when necessary. After 2ish weeks of playing, I started getting begged back to Staff, by Staff and non-Staff.
    It was funny because I hadn't even gotten over using ./mods and other Staff commands before I reapplied.

    I reapplied because unlike the time surrounding my resignation, I actually felt like I could be a decent Staff this time.

    I was not a very good Staff the first time I was Staff. I am going to admit it. The feeling of Staff is a terrible one if you do not learn to manipulate it in the right ways.
    I hate to admit it, but essentially I was a "I'm right because I'm Staff" Staff. It felt shit to "lose" in appeals.

    So when I reapplied, one of my main goals was to improve on my position and become a Staff for the players, not for myself.

    I don't know if I successfully completed that goal yet. I hope so. But I am not one to judge if I have completed it yet or not. That is up to you guys, the people I have changed for.

    When I reapplied, I was not entirely expecting a repromotion, because well, I had actually said I wanted to reapply after School had finished. Yet Year12 had only just started. So ???
    I was only active for 2 weeks as well, so my activity wasn't terrific.

    Yet they gave me a chance.
    And so began my Staff 2.0 journey. [6th March 2017]

    Whether this be due to my timezone, my activity, my experience, or a combination, I was repromoted to Mod rather quickly.
    I'm not going to say it was a bad promotion. 1 month and 10 days isn't that bad for a Mod promotion, but rather quick in comparison to the 9ish months it took me the first time as Staff.

    It felt nice being promoted to Mod. I could finally handle stuff that I couldn't as Helper. I could be really useful and finally actually prove I was here to be a good Staff.

    ... Except I couldn't.
    I lived at my Grandparents. Their internet was the most horrific I had ever used for quite a long time.
    I would constantly sit at 600-1800 ping.

    It made being a Moderator hard, and so my activity + work suffered. I don't know how many other items I banned, but I ended up banning around 60 hackers for the months of April, May, and June combined.

    That was a major blow, but considering my circumstances, there was not much I could do.

    Except move to my Dad's.
    So I did. I hated my Grandparents. They are very selfish and manipulative but let's not go on about them.
    I moved to the entire other side of the state.
    Which came with better internet.

    I couldn't play on the server for 2 weeks after I left due to the fact my desktop didn't have a desk to top.
    Hah. But yes I couldn't access my desktop for two whole weeks.

    Come July. School holidays, and my computer was finally up and running. Good internet.
    I finally got to show the Staff team I was putting in effort to improve from last time.
    And so I did.
    I have deleted videos so those numbers are not final and concrete but I sit there and go "July proves I can be an ok Staff"
    July was the first month ever I was able to show just how eager I was to improve on my Staff position.
    There were ups and downs, but it didn't matter.
    I was on my way to improving myself and my only goal was to become the best Mod I could.

    Never did I expect 1 week ago. [1 week and one day now zz]

    I returned to Staff never expecting to ever get higher than Mod.
    I understood, our timezone was more quiet, I was never quite the best Staff. And that was ok. I was prepared to just focus on being the best Mod I could be.

    You could have asked me 3 years ago. You could have asked me 1 year ago.
    You could have asked me a month ago. You could have asked me 5 minutes before I actually got promoted. I would have never have believed I would have gotten promoted.
    And yet I did.

    My goal has not changed. Instead of being the best Mod, however, I am to be the best Mod+ I can, for you guys, for the Staff team, and for myself.
    More importantly you guys but zz

    It's honestly a little nerve-wracking being one of the highest ranks, not just for your timezone but overall. Don't get us wrong, we may look brave but being Mod+ is not an easy position for many and we all try our hardest.

    Thank you guys for making the last year one to remember. One year ago I could not have imagined I would be here today.
    One year ago I was imagining never being Staff again. One year ago I was sitting there feeling like the worst Staff ever (zz still do)

    But that was one year ago.
    365 days.
    a lot of minutes.

    // For those who have yet to be promoted, please do not feel bad.
    You guys may feel sad you have not made it to Helper, Mod, or Mod+ yet, but please do not forget, your individual ranks combine with one another to make the yummy recipe which is teamwork!

    Players - Without reports, us Staff would be roaming around trying to find reports ourselves. Again. Trust me it was not a fun time. We would rather see 10 reports that turn out unsuccessful but yield one successful one over you not reporting at all. We are here to help, not to get angry at you.

    Helpers - You guys handle all the length chat reports/Turk reports for us. I cannot thank you enough, as we can usually fit 2-3 Mod reports in the span of one Helper report. You guys may feel like terrible Helpers for not making it to Mod, but please remember; You guys help out more to us than you realise. And I thank you for that.

    Mods - The efficiency some of you bring is awesome. I can name some Mods who bend backwards to help one another out, and the overall teamwork is great. Don't let your work be dragged down by a promotion.
    Mod+ is great but it is not promised. You guys are an essential part of the team and do not let anything stop that.

    Mod+s - This is the end of the line for the majority of us, and that is ok. We've been entrusted with a rank that has a lot of important features, and the major difference between us and Admins is roles within the team. We're the role models for the Staff team and players, but don't let that go to your heads. We're a "different" rank in that we lead the team below the Administration team, and I entrust that we can all do it well.

    Administation team - I don't have any inspirational words ///
    I'd like to thank you guys for letting me have a chance at Staff, both first and second times. I hope I have shown that I have improved, and that I continue in time to come.
    I would never have imagined being a Mod+, and so I thank you for giving me a chance to actually show I can be a useful Staff member, not just for my timezone but in all aspects.

    no this is not a resignation thread
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    Im proud of you Meep, proud of how well youve done as staff now c:

    I find this thread rather inspirational, and that it may help others, and even myself, to see that believeing in your goals and and strifing to meet them can and will payoff in the end.

    keep up the good work, Im happy for yoy and proud of you c:
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    Damn, i actually read that all, wow.

    I'm proud of what you do for the server Mappy. You're a hard working staff member, and we can see that too (; Keep up the good work girl!!
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    hi junko,

    im really glad that you made it this far and keep up the good work c:
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    grats melted spoon
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    Congrats map, It's nice to have you as a staff member on the server and especially as a good friend c: thanks for helping out with making the server a better place to be, Keep it up!
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    Congrats Mappy/Mapyp, whatever feels best.

    Most people think that resigning is a simple task, and I won't lie when I say I've thought about it a few times, it's natural. If you ask me, it usually takes a week or two before you decide what you do, not two hours, but hey, let's not start a debate.

    Honestly, you're a pleasure to work alongside (despite bullying me into AcaistickJoey >:(), and a really nice, calm and collected person to talk to. It's great to see you revisit the team for a 2nd try, you've been extremely helpful to me, and set a great example for me a year ago when you resigned, something most people dream to do.

    Hope you decide to continue your stay and help out on the staff team.
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    congrats mappy!
    can't believe i read all that
    I'm lucky that I've been able to work with you the past four months, you've improved a lot & I'm proud of you for that :> You've come a long way with the staff team, thank you :wink:
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    You can be a Helper, Mod, Mod+, whatever. You're still a cheese grater to me.

    but congrats little'n
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    U good mod ur a dork but a good mod
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    Congrats, Mappy, you've done so much for the community!
    Keep up the good work!
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    being staff obviously means a lot to you, and my hat goes off to you for that.
    we're proud of you mappy

    you dont know me lol
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    Thanks Mappy, you're one of the people who have really helped me with any questions I have had, and you have been very supportive of others from what I have seen.
    Keep up the good work.
    Here's to another year!
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    fuck my ice cream melted onto keyboard while reading this
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    MY FAVORITE MOD+/STAFF MEMBER <3 I hope you never resign Like ever that would sadden me so much I'd probs cry :(
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    Oh also, I forgot to say tyty for doing a good job.
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    Congrats Mappy!! :)
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    Unprepossessing (MappyTurtle)
    npnp tence!
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