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Should we make more challenges?

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  1. ValkyRey


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    I think that there should be new challenges for the Herobrine Chamber games because it has the same challenges over and over when you play it, and they should be mixed up or otherwise, if you've played the game a lot, it will be really easy to win, giving newer players a disadvantage, like me :(
    I'm always last place when I play the game, but the more I practice, the more I will get better at it, I guess.
  2. Planoro

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    More challenges are definitely something to consider.
  3. Soap

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    HC is generally underrated - I support any additions and/or updates to it at this point.
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  4. rosellavio

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    Good idea! Some ideas:
    -Kill the most mobs
    -Dress the armor stand?
    -Guess the music disc?
    Sorry they're bad I just thought of them from the top of my head lol
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  5. Planoro

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    Kill The Most Mobs is a good idea. Guess The Music Disc would be too easy. Maybe elaborate more on Dress The Armor Stand? It seems like a good concept.

    (Not trying to be rude by the way.)
  6. AManOfManyThoughts


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    I've been playing this game for years.

    Just the sheer thought of new microgames to it makes me excited. I'm 100% in support of new ones all the way. Some ideas I've got:

    Eat the cake - Everyone in the chamber receives slowness and spawns in the middle. Half cakes will be spawned randomly across the platform. It'd basically be a race to eat them, and whoever fails to eat them wouldn't get the point. The number of half cakes would vary depending on how many people are in the chamber.

    Maybe for eat the cake there could be block obstacles to conceal some of the cakes, to make them harder to get to and to acknowledge.

    Musical minecarts/chairs - fairly straight forward. Music will be played and when it stops, Minecarts would fall randomly across the chamber. Whoever fails to sit in them on time doesn't get a point. Again, the number of available Minecarts would vary depending on the player count at the time.

    Colourfall (this is an intended pun), - players would be spawned above the chamber platform, on a glass one. The original platform would turn into a colourful platform containing double-block platform colours, all possible ones from MC. The idea behind this is that players will be told to land on (whatever colour is assigned), and then five seconds later, the glass platform they're stood on disappears, and they have to make the landing on the assigned colour to win. It'd be all about precision.

    The glass platform means players will be able to see where their assigned colour is.

    Possibly, players could be assigned their own unique colours to land on, but if that's not doable, then the initial objective would be just as fun.

    If they land on the wrong colour they won't get a point.

    Boat dodge - The whole platform would turn into a glassed off pool, players would be put into boats. TNT will land down into the water and players will have to move away from it on their boats. They will not be able to depart from their boats in this microgame. Whoever's too close to the TNT on their boat when it explodes will automatically die and won't get a point. I think 3 TNT would fall at a time in this microgame, looking at it from a perspective of 'less is more'.

    Dress the armor stand - I like this idea as mentioned above, so I'd include that too.

    I am genuinely praying for this update to happen, so if it does happen, I'll be a very happy person.

    I just hope the staff will acknowledge our desire for such an update.
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  7. Soso

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    With the suggestions above,

    The musical chairs one can not be added for the simple reason some players don't play with music on or volume on at all

    The colourfall one sounds perfect. The same floor as the "jump on the right coloured wool" thing could be used also.

    I think this should be in suggestions because it's certainly something that should be considered a lot.
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