Johnora's Last Humongous Art Dump

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    So here we are, I haven't made one of these threads in a Good Long while, but since I've been gone for some time, I wanted to show a bit of art that I've drawn since then, You guys wanted to see it so here it is.

    #1: Short Comics Galore

    There are a collection of short comics I made when I didn't have much time to make whole story arcs, these are much easier to make and usually are inspired by Newspaper comic strips such as Garfield.
    Minecraft comic Cave hole.png

    Small comic 3.png

    Minecraft comic boredom.png

    #2: Meme drawings

    These I based off of memes that I found funny, and wanted to put my own little twist on them.

    Johnora becomes Canny.png

    Johnora becomes Uncanny meme.png

    Minecraft meme drawing.png

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    #3: Update Comics
    Many of these are comics I made surrounding the Minecraft Updates that came out in the last few years, I consider some of these my best work due to how big they are. Minecraft Nether Update comic part 1 3d.png
    Nether update comic part 2 3d.jpg

    Nether update comic part 3 3d edit.png
    Nether update comic part 4 3D.png
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    #4: Other
    These are other drawings I couldn't fit into any other category, This one was one I made during april fools of 2021, another one I'm really happy with.

    April fools 2021 comic.png

    Minecraft in the 90s.png

    Pains of Christmas 9 3D.png pains of christmas 10.png
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