How to get Donator Rank on Discord

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    How to get the Donator rank on Discord
    Have a rank on our server? You can get a rank on the Discord as well!

    Getting the Donator Rank on Discord is very simple:
    1. Find your DiscordTag. You can see your DiscordTag in the left bottom of the Discord window. It should look something like this: Username#1234
    2. Go to the lobby on our Minecraft server by typing the command: /lobby
    3. Once you are in the Lobby, use the command: /linkdiscord <DiscordTag> using the DiscordTag you got in step 1. So for example: /linkdiscord Username#1234
    4. You will receive a DM on Discord that tells you the command to type in Minecraft to continue. If you do not receive a DM, it most likely means that you have DMs disabled. You can enable it temporarily by right-clicking the ItsJerryAndHarry Discord and clicking "Privacy Settings" and toggling it there.
    5. Type the command that you received in Minecraft, it should look something like: /confirmdiscord 597347
    6. Done! You should now have the Discord rank!

    Please note that only one Discord account can be linked to each Minecraft account. Also, if there are spaces or odd characters in your discord name, linking may not work. If you have trouble, please contact a Manager to have them link it for you.

    Gold nickname instead of no color!

    The command may not work if you have weird characters in your username that can not be pasted in Minecraft, or if your username has spaces.

    The easiest solution would be temporarily changing your Discord username to something that doesn't have any special characters or spaces.

    You can do so by clicking the gear icon next to your username in Discord.

    You can change your Discord username twice per hour, so you can change it temporarily and then change it back after you have the Donator Role.

    If you do not have a server rank yet, you can buy one from our store!
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