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    ItsJerryandHarry Universal Rules
    Note: These rules are subject to change without notice.

    Since the last detailed rules thread was missed so much, and was asked to be brought back to clarify doubts from users, we have decided to bring it back, with new and updated information.

    These rules will be enforced and failure to comply will result in a ban from the server/forums/discord.

    As a warning, 'pushing' the rules to break the reason we made the rule in the first place intentionally, in an effort to effectively "break" the rules without actually getting into trouble for it, will be treated the same as if you broke the rule outright. When in doubt, ask yourself, "Why was this rule made?"

    Excessive rule pushing or breaking might lead to a ban from our services without notice.

    Please note these rules apply to all parts of the IJAH network.


    Respect all players:

    Please be respectful and kind to others while playing games, and in lobbies. This goes to forums as well; do not write things that will be considered rude, that may hurt someone’s feelings in the end. We also do not allow, in any circumstances:

    • Racism
    • Sexism
    • Ageism
    • Discrimination against religion
    • Any kind of Discrimination

    Respect all staff:

    Please do not argue with a judgement by one of our staff members. If you have a problem with one of our staff and you feel they are abusing you/others, report it on the forums, don’t start arguments in public nor harass members of the staff team to try to prove a point.

    These rules will be enforced and failure to comply will result in a tempban.

    Trolling & Harassment

    Trolling can be anything from silly messages, to jokes taken wrongly, to harassment. Trolling between friends, in which both (or more) parties are cool with it, is allowed. Trolling with the intent of grief or offense, on the other hand, is forbidden.

    Harassment is also not allowed. Harassment is:

    • Any rude, offensive, or inappropriate comments at somebody
    • Constantly bothering someone who has expressed a wish to be left alone
    • Deliberately causing unnecessary drama for somebody.
    • Threatening other players with e.g. ddos, dox, ip grabbing, swatting, charging back a donation, IRL Death Threats. These cases are treated with extra severity, regardless if it is said sarcastically or as a joke.
    Failure to follow these rules will result in either a kick/deletion of message, mute, or even tempban.

    Profanity & Inappropriate Content

    Cursing is allowed on our server, but only to a certain extent.

    Mild cursing such as “F*ck” or “Sh*t” is allowed, if it is with no hostile direction or context.

    Cursing at someone in a hostile manner is not allowed. Example: “F**k you <player>!” or “F**k off”. If something like “Oh, you jacka**” is said between friends as a joke, and both (or more) parties are cool with it, it is allowed if not overdone.

    Keep all content G-rated. We have players of all ages. NSFW or inappropriate content is strictly forbidden.

    Together with this, any links to online ''Screamers'' are strictly forbidden. Those that paste these links in public chats will face the suiting punishment, as these are not tolerated in our network.

    Excessive use of profanity is punishable. Keep cursing to a minimum.

    Use of derogatory/discriminatory slurs such as the n-word, f-word, etc. is forbidden.

    Failure to follow these rules will result in a kick/deletion of message, mute, or even tempban if abused.

    Predatory Behavior

    While any inappropriate chat is disallowed, this server will blacklist any user guilty of the following:

      • Offering to send sexually explicit messages or media on any medium
      • Soliciting users to send sexually explicit messages or media
      • Any form of blackmail concerning sexually explicit media.
      • Sending any NSFW link that contains pornography or is otherwise illegal
      • Asking for external media (IE Snapchat) in any way that insinuates inappropriate behavior
      • Communicating in a way that the staff team deems is a clear and present threat to the community.
      • Any other behavior that is illegal. In this case, law enforcement will be contacted.

    Inappropriate IGNs

    Following from the Profanity and Inappropriate section above, this does apply as well to IGNs on the Server AND Forums.

    Some obvious examples of Inappropriate IGNs would include these words (Although, context matters, just because it has the word, for example, f*ck, doesn't mean it is bannable):
    • P*ssy
    • F*ck
    • C*nt
    • N*gg*r (and N*gga)
    • Sh*t

    If you see a name that seems suspicious and isn't on this list, please contact a member of Staff. Anyone with an inappropriate name will be permanently banned from the server until the name is changed (After the name is changed, you may request an unban at our Ban Appeal section)


    Inappropriate Plots/Clocks

    Once again following on the inappropriate section, Plots on creative count as well (not hard to guess that.)
    You may ask "What counts as an inappropriate plot?"

    • Sexual builds of any sort (clubs, genitalia, dirty dares, etc.)
    • Offensive builds (Nazi emblems, racist content, etc.)
    • Spelling out words e.g. "F*CK" made from wool. We'll remove those too as they're useless.

    As for Redstone Clocks, here's a few things to take note of:
    • If it isn't too big and is used to control a device AND has a switch, it's allowed
    • If it consists of a bunch of pistons or redstone clocks pulsating and controlling nothing, it's not allowed.
    • Lag Machines (as said above) can damage the server's performance if they are extremely large. This brings a danger to players that go near it as it can not only crash or freeze their game, but can freeze their computer.

    If you see any of the things mentioned above (Plots or Clocks), please Report them in the "Other" section on the Forums.

    To sum up: If you don't have anything reasonable to build, or for a good purpose, don't bother building it.


    Inappropriate skins

    Skins may not show nudity with visible genitals or excessive offensive symbols such as nazi symbols. Please note this includes Hitler skins.


    Reasonable Suspicion vs. Evidence

    Absolutely no action will be taken without solid evidence. What we consider solid evidence (can be shown in video/screenshots):
    • Proof of the crime
    • Evidence proving which player did it

    Note: In a situation where evidence is not really possible, but you feel strongly that a player is guilty, do not take any action. Instead, investigate further.

    If you do find solid evidence, then you may act. If not, again, no action will be taken. There will usually be some staff online you can find in-game to help you as well.


    Trying to Mod (aka Mini-Modding)

    Don't try to do the job of staff members, if someone is breaking the rules please record evidence and report the player.

    Making someone aware of the rules is allowed, but don't overdo it.
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    Spam is not allowed at all. This means:
    • Sending the same message over repeatedly in a short time
    • Sending multiple lines in a row quickly (flooding chat)
    • One word sentences (flooding chat)
    • Repeating or echoing other users (group spam)
    • Using fancy letters to get your message noticed
      Example: “<*>*<*> IM AMAZING <*>*<*>”, “#$#$# SAY HI TO ME #$#$#”, or "L()()K --------->".

    Using a form of caps protection bypass is not allowed, as it bybasses the “restricted caps” rule and you will be warned for it on the spot if the intention is clear.

    Example:WILLY IS COOL (caps protection)”.
    It is counted as spam, and is a reportable and punishable offence.

    Spamming reports, with the clear intention to provoke staff members, is also not allowed. These type of provokations will be handled accordingly to the severity of that specific case.

    Encouraging spam is also not allowed. That being said, saying things like, “say _ if _” are forbidden, and players who do this will be warned.

    Examples: Say ‘I’ if you live in the USA” or “ OMG!! ASFJerome is online in BuildIt!!!

    Doing any form of instigation, with successful results, will get you warned for spamming, and can result in a
    temporary mute or ban.


    Advertising server IPs are not allowed, no exceptions. Links of any kind are also not allowed, with only these exceptions:
    • A thread from the Jerry and Harry forums
    • A YouTube video that was made on the Jerry and Harry server or a twitch link where you are streaming on the Jerry and Harry server (We do check and will suitably punish accordingly)
    • A link to a picture related to the server.
    • A Livestream link (providing you're streaming on our server) - A suitable countdown for this would be at least every 5-10 minutes
    However, spamming these links could be taken as spamming and warned just the same.
    Anything that isn't included in these 4 examples above can be sent over PM. However please make sure you do NOT click anything you are unsure of. There is an announcement on the server that appears each time a link is sent in PM. This is for a reason. Unsolicited advertising of any kind is also not permitted.

    Spambots are special cases, in which an individual may get dozens if not hundreds of accounts to spam our chats to advertise things. Once these accounts are reported/caught, they will be permanently banned.
    If for some reason an individual decides to copy what the Spambot says and ends up being banned, they may make a ban appeal, which will lead to their unban more certainly.

    VPN/proxy services
    Do not use VPN/proxy services. You are responsible for the internet connection you use to connect to our services. If your IP address matches the IP address of a hacker because you used a VPN, your account will be banned.

    Easiest way to prevent this is by simply not using a VPN or proxy.


    Alternative Accounts

    There should be only 1 account per person, unless permission is given by any of the Admins. Performing any of the following with an alternative account is NOT allowed (in our network):
    • Using an alternative account to bypass a ban/mute on your main account. (Server and Forums)
    • Using it for personal advantages (e.g, liking your own posts, following yourself, bumping your own threads) (Forums)
    • Creating a troll alternative account. (Server and Forums)
    • Attempting to harass someone anonymously. (Server and Forums)
    If for any reason the above is broken by an alt account, both the main and alt account(s) are held accountable for it, and may result in massive consequences, such as heavy bans and extended ban time.

    There is one extension to the points written above, and goes as follows:

    • People which are known to have a very large amount of alternative accounts, will be considered special cases, and be will treated as so, meaning that we may not take the past condition so lightly, which may result in a ban on all of the persons accounts, for a larger amount of time (in case of tentative of exploiting loop-holes or breaking the past condition countless times).
    If for any reason any of the above is broken by an alt account, both the main and alt account(s) are held accountable for it, and will result, like explained previously, in banning the accounts for the original ban length. Or on more extreme cases, in an extension of the ban.


    Quite simple, do not impersonate a player that has an existing account.
    • If you impersonate staff, well known YouTubers, or other members of the community, you will face consequences.
    • If you take someones recently unused name, that will not be considered impersonation. Yet, if you act like that and pretend to be them, then that is against our rules.
    • The command /nick should be used for just nicknames, fun names or appropriate subjects, not something that can be displayed as an impersonation or inappropriate.
    Impersonation is fine in a joking and friendly manner, but only when the person being impersonated is okay with the situation.

    Selling & Giveaways

    You are allowed to host giveaways and contests with prizes on the Server/Forums/Discord, but it must be limited to our network.

    Scamming, making fake giveaways and contests for personal gain will not be allowed and you will be punished if you do so.

    We do not condone real world trading. Do not sell in-game items or other virtual items for real world money.

    Selling Minecraft/Network accounts is forbidden.

    Caution: Careful who you accept gifts from, some have been known to use this to blackmail. While this blackmail is not allowed, you should still be careful.


    Scamming is when a player steals your in-game money by not keeping their part of a deal. An example would be saying that you’re selling 64 diamond blocks for $1,000,000, but after they pay you the money, you don’t give your part of the deal; therefore, stealing their money. When reporting a scam, the evidence must include the entire conversation between you and the scammer, or action will not be taken.

    Scamming real life money may be worthy of a permanent ban. If a player is not scammed real life money, even if it was part of some sort of deal, the ban will be of the regular scamming length.

    Scams must involve an exchange of in-game items or currency, or real life money in order to be punished by a staff member. Any other type of informal agreements are own responsibility, as there is no way for staff members to handle these type of deals.


    PVP Bypassing

    PVP bypassing is when players kill other players with water, lava, flint and steel, and other ways in areas where PVP is not enabled. PVP bypassing happens in Survival and Skyblock, but not Factions where PVP is enabled.

    When reporting a bypasser, make sure to include either:
    • A video, showing the PVP bypass as it is happening
    • Screenshots that have enough proof (things such as screenshots of their IGN, server, etc)

    No action will be taken without valid proof.
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    Abusing any bugs, glitches, and/or exploits is not allowed

    Purposefully harming the server's performance through the creation of lag machines, or abusing commands, etc. is bannable.

    Any form of boosting such as ELO boosting in OITC is not allowed.

    Stalling games such as intentionally not fighting, hanging out or drawing in spleef is not allowed. You will be kicked or possibly banned if done repeatedly.

    All bugs, glitches, and exploits are to be reported in the "Report Bugs" section of the forums as soon as possible.


    Client modifications

    Use of any client modifications that alter gameplay or give a significant advantage are strictly prohibited.

    Approved modifications and client behaviors include:
    • OptiFine
    • Shaders Mods
    • Capes Mods
    • Better Sprint
    • 5zig
    • Auto-reconnect
    • InGame Info mod
    • Keystrokes
    • Fullbright / Gamma
    • TooManyItems/NotEnoughItems
    • Armor/Status Effects
    • 1.7 Animation Mods
    • LabyMod (damage indicators and minimap radar must be disabled)
    • Schematica "Printer" feature is allowed only in Factions. It is disabled in all other minigames.
    Any hacked modified client behavior that gives an unfair advantage is not allowed. Macros that affect gameplay like auto-clicking are not allowed. Neither are things like drag-clicking/ball-clicking or etc that makes it capable to regularly achieve over 20 cps.

    Blacklisted modifications include:

    • Any hacking client (e.g. Kill aura, regeneration, aimbot, anti-knockback)
    • Any mod that lets you perform movements not possible in vanilla Minecraft (e.g. Smart Moving Mod)
    • Fly mod / FlyBoost (only allowed in creative)
    • Xray
    • VoxelMap (minimap shows other players even when not in sight)
    • RadarBro (minimap shows other players even when not in sight)
    • BetterPVP (minimap shows other players even when not in sight)
    • Tracer Mod
    • Damage Indicators (shows other players' health which is not possible in Vanilla Minecraft)
    • Skinblinker
    • Derp/Retard/HeadRoll Hacks
    • HoloInventory

    If you have a mod that is not listed here and you're unsure about it, contact a staff member.

    First offense: 30 days
    Subsequent offenses: Permanent



    Griefing is not allowed in any of our servers for the exception of Hardcore Factions. The whole point of Factions is to raid other Factions. Betraying your own faction is known as "insiding" and is not allowed.

    Griefing in Skyblock, Creative and Survival will result in a temporary or permanent ban from the server.

    Do not create so-called "cobble monsters", this is prohibited even in Hardcore Factions.

    Aiding & Abetting

    Knowingly helping someone violate the rules (bypassing, tp trapping, scamming, etc), even if you did not directly participate, will be subject to a temporary or permanent ban based on the severity of the offense.


    Forum Rules
    These rules apply only to the Forums.

    For each time you break a rule, you will receive one or more warning point(s). When you have exceeded the limit of 3 warning points, you will be punished on the forums/server. If you do receive more warnings afterwards a longer ban/mute may occur.
    Most warning points expire after two months.

    Text size and colour

    Do not use text that is oversized

    Large text is only intended for titles and is off-limits when it comes to being used as a normal font. As a note, the standard font size is 4.

    You must also be reasonable when it comes to font colours, do not pick a colour that is unreadable (like this).

    Making a post with oversized and/or unreadable text colours will result in a Forum warning.


    False Reporting

    False reporting is reporting an individual when they are not at fault, with the malicious intent of getting them banned. An example would be faking a situation in a private server to get a player banned, or give staff screenshots of old events or of situations which were already handled.

    This applies even if you fake yourself to be breaking the rules. It is a waste of staff member's time and the same punishment will be applied.

    A player can also be guilty of false reporting if they manipulate, bait, or setup someone to break the rules. This would include insighting an argument and then reporting a player for harassment or daring them to say something and then reporting them for it.

    False reporting can also occur when evidence older than a month (30 days) is used. The exception to this is Predatory Behavior where there is no statute of limitations on proof. Predators are not welcome here, period.

    If the Staff notice that an event was false reported without any malicious intentions, then the person will not be banned, but if we understand second intentions, the ban will be issued.

    Generally bans like this can go from a few days to a couple of months, if not permanent bans in extreme cases.



    Do not derail a thread from its topic. If you have something off-topic to say, either create a new thread or start a private conversation with the people you want to show your content.

    Repeatedly derailing threads from their topics will result in a Forums warning.



    A ‘bump’ is when a person posts on an inactive thread that is no longer relevant. Typically a thread is considered inactive if no one has written anything for 2 months.

    Bumping is allowed in forum games.

    Repeatedly bumping old threads that have no remaining purpose will result in a Forum warning.


    Double posting

    Double posting is when you post on a thread and then make another post before anybody else replies, so you have replied to the thread twice in a row. Double posting looks like this:


    This takes up more room than it needs to, and thus spams the thread.

    So, instead of double posting like that, you can use the edit button in the bottom left hand corner of your post.


    When you use that, you can edit your post to add or remove text or images, etc, instead of double posting.

    Double posting is not allowed unless it is absolutely necessary, in which you’ll have to provide a reason. It's a way of post farming, which isn’t allowed, and spam, as it takes up unnecessary space.

    If you do spot someone that has double posted on a thread that isn't mentioned above, please report it by clicking the Report button, ironically near the Edit button.

    Repeatedly double posting will result in a Forum warning.

    Flame Wars/Drama Threads

    We should all have a good idea of what these issues are. These threads can start off as regular topics, but can then be turned into a big debate very quickly. On the other hand, some threads are made purely to spark argument or to cause issues between players.

    That being said, Drama Threads are less common than Flame Wars. Therefore, if you do spot a thread that is made with the sole purpose of causing an uproar, please report it and do not comment on the thread you're reporting. This can sometimes add to the problem rather than solve it.

    One of the most common examples of a Flame War we see are particular threads that compare players with one another. E.g. "Top OITC players." These are not needed at all and are formed entirely out of the player's opinion. They are not facts. Each player will have a different opinion, and if one player decides that his/her opinion seems more legitimate than another, a flame war will usually follow.

    TL;DR: Do not make any threads similar to the example listed above.

    Sharing a users private information

    Every user is entitled to their own privacy, and someone going against ones privacy and violating it by posting sensitive material where it shouldn't be without permission from the person is not allowed.

    If private information is shared through an external medium, but within the scope of our users, with harmful intentions, it can lead to a punishment by the Staff Team.

    Examples of this can be home addresses, phone numbers, pictures, IP's, etc.

    Every case can be different so it will be dealt differently in each case, depending in how severe it is.

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    Server Punishments
    Warnings are issued for non-severe chat related offenses and punishments from them escalate based on your recent history of offenses.
    Some warnings (such as advertising a server IP, abusing the /report system or other severe offenses) will issue immediate temporary bans from the server regardless of warning history. Please be mindful of these offenses.

    Verbal Warnings
    A verbal warning shows in your warning history with a (v.) tag. This verbal warning is to notify you that you have broken a rule without issuing punishment to you. Instead, it links you to the rules so that you can read over and avoid future punishments. Verbal warnings only apply if you have not had a warning at all in the last 30 days. If you have any warnings in the past 30 days, you will obtain a warning point and be moved along the punishment chart below.

    Staff members are not required to verbally offer a chance to stop breaking the rules (via public chat or msg) as this is handled by the warning system automatically. Most of the time, public verbal warnings are issued only to avoid multiple players violating the rules and are not directed at those that have already broken them.

    Your 1st warning in 30 days will be a verbal warning. All other warnings result in either a mute or a temporary ban. Above and beyond the grid below, if you have an extended punishment or warning history (even without obtaining some of the punishments below) you may be issued extended alternative punishments by our staff team for continuous bad behavior. That may include long or even permanent mutes, long or permanent bans or in extreme cases, being blacklisted from the server.
    Note: Warnings for Report Abuse or IP (advertising server IPs) result in automatic bans without consideration to the warning table above.​

    Discord Warnings
    This is just an added note that deleted messages on discord function as a form of verbal warning. Verbal warning will be the most common form of warning along with mutes. Repeatedly getting your messages deleted or repeatedly getting muted for poor behavior on discord may result in extended mutes, permanent mutes, temporary bans or permanent bans.

    Bans and Mutes issued are IP-wide punishments. This means that if you get banned for 15 days and 2 days later and your brother/friend/parent/dog/second account tries to log on, you will be banned for the same remaining duration of time (13 days). This is a protection to the server and its players to prevent abuse and we do not make exceptions for this reason.

    Please keep in mind that this also means if you are using free/cracked/public alt accounts or that you share accounts with friends that you are at risk of being punished in the future if they get punished due to your past use of the account(s).

    You cannot buy an unban for a [Whitelisted] account.
    A whitelist ban means that you may still log on alternate accounts without punishment but that you may not use the account in question. They are generally used for inappropriate name bans where a user must appeal their ban after changing the name to something more appropriate.

    You cannot buy an unban for a [Blacklisted] account.
    Repeat or severe offenders will find themselves blacklisted from the server. You will not be permitted to use alternate accounts and bypassing will only result in those accounts also being blacklisted. Blacklist bans are generally used against players that have repeatedly violated the rules, done something illegal, exhibited predatory behavior, have abused our purchase unbans/unmutes system or have otherwise shown that they should not be welcome on the server.

    If a player requests to screenshare you there is no obligation to do so and you are encouraged to decline it. If they harass or threaten to get you banned for refusal to SS, you may report them for harassment. We do accept screenshares as evidence if they are recorded and it is apparent that the player being SS'd is the player being reported.

    If a staff member requests to screenshare you then you must accept. Declining to be screenshared by a staff member will result in a permanent hacking ban for refusal to SS. During a screenshare session if you close out of minecraft, disconnect from the internet, close the screenshare or otherwise interfere in the process, you will also be permanently banned.

    Only trusted members of the Mod+ team or higher will perform screenshares. If a Mod or Helper asks to screenshare you please report them for staff abuse.

    "Don't be a douche"
    If being a member of our community is deemed harmful to the server, community, or business we may, and without notice, permanently mute or ban you from our services. This includes constant toxic behavior, repeatedly breaking the rules, duping/chargebacks or otherwise costing the server money. This is a 'common sense' clause. Don't be a douche.
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