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are these types of things lame?

  1. Yes.

  2. No.

  3. Depends what the questions are I guess.

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  1. KokichiOma

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    Which choices would you choose and why?

    Pick the year I die. They never specified that it had to be reasonable. I want to see the world end, tbh. Preferably I'd like to see the start and end of the world but yanno.

    Have a University named after me. Education is way more important than sports.

    Have free Apple products forever. Never specified that you need to keep said Apple products, sell for profit, buy data. Very cheap wifi, not free, but cheap.

    Fulfil my biggest wish. You'll still have a regret at the end but at least then you wouldn't regret not fulfilling your biggest wish.

    Have my own private island. That would be so cool, being alone from everyone. You can bring whoever you want on that island, start up a resort, earn money, whatever.

    Be able to read minds. I think knowing what people truly think would be great.

    Have $100,000 in real money. Amazon doesn't really work here yet so getting $1mil is pretty pointless. Plus, stick the 100k in your bank account, accumulate interest, suddenly you have 1mil.

    Be best friends forever with your favourite celebrity. I don't know who my favourite celebrity is but I'd rather date someone not famous. Less attention that way.

    Have free petrol for 25 years. If you saved up during those 25 years you could easily buy your dream car with what would be fuel money.

    Be a pirate. "You are a pirate". No other words needed.

    Continue on with your life. I don't particularly like my life so far, so I want to get as far away from it as possible, not relive it.

    Live the life of fame and wealth. I don't even like Harry Potter.

    Have the ability to see the future. I already have the power to read minds from earlier so ayy.
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  2. TheMint

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    1. The year.
    2. University.
    3. Wi-Fi. Apple is shit.
    4. Biggest wish. I have no regrets.
    5. Jet.
    6. Speed of light.
    7. 1,000,000$ in Amazon.
    8. I don't have a favorite celebrity nor a celebrity crush because I'm not an annoying teenager.
    9. Definitely free gas for 25 years.
    10. Ninja. Who in the world would want to be a pirate.
    11. Continue with my life.
    12. Life of fame and wealth. Harry Potter's world isn't the best place I've seen.
    13. Have the ability to see the future.
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  3. capsa

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    1. Pick the year you die
    2. Have a sport stadium named after you
    3. Have free apple products forever
    4. Fulfill your biggest wish
    5. Have your own private jet
    6. Be able to read minds
    7. Have $1 million in amazon gift cards
    8. Be best friends with you favourite celebrity
    9. Have your dream car
    10. Be a ninja
    11. Continue on with your life
    12. Live the life of fame and wealth
    13. Have the ability to see the future
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  4. jenn

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    1- The way I die
    2- University
    3- Wifi
    4- Regret
    5- Private jet
    6- Read minds
    7- Real money
    8- Best friend
    9- Free gas
    10- Pirate
    11- Continue
    12- Harry Potter
    13- See the future
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  5. noah

    noah Staff Member Mod+

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    1 Way I die
    2 Stadium
    3 Wifi
    4 Neither
    5 Jet
    6 Read minds
    7 Real money
    8 Neither
    9 Dream car
    10 Ninja
    11 Continue (not tryna relive this shit)
    12 Harru Potters world
    13 Read minds (Neither are appealing to me)
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  6. ValentineAmy

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    1. The way I die because then I could pick a peaceful one like not getting stabbed to death.
    2. Have a university named after me because I don't really watch sports sooo...
    3. Have free wifi wherever I go because I use my data too much, oops.
    4. Fulfill my biggest wish because the regret one is in the past, no need to think about it anymore.
    5. Have my own private jet because I could go anywhere.
    6. Be able to read minds since I'm already nosey.
    7. Have 100k in real money since I don't use amazon a whole lot.
    8. Date my celebrity crush because he's super man and hot af so yes.
    9. Have free gas I guess because I'm not that interested in cars... as long as I can drive something lol.
    10. Be a ninja since I'm already Asian (LOL IM JUST KIDDING) it just seems cooler.
    11. I would continue on with my life, no matter how crappy it has been lately, the past is in the past, I can't redo it. And even if I did who knows what would have changed to this day?
    12. Live the life of fame and wealth since I haven't read any Harry Potter books and I've always gotten bored when I watched the movies so...
    13. have the ability to read minds because why spoil the future, let it be a surprise. Otherwise I'd be obsessed and freaking out over what's going to happen since I'll already know.
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  7. sss

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    1. pick the way i die i guess
    2. have a university named after me
    3. have free wifi wherever i go
    4. fulfill my biggest wish
    5. have my own private island
    6. be able to travel at light speeds. gotta go fast
    7. have $100,000 in real money
    8. date my celebrity crush for only 2 years. i already have a best friend thanks
    9. have my dream car
    10. be a ninja. naruto's gonna be so jealous
    11. continue on with my life. i may have depression but i'm still holding on aye
    12. live in harry potter's world. never seen or read harry potter but come on who doesn't want wizard powers
    13. have the ability to see the future. hearing other's thoughts is creepy
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  8. teitan

    teitan ‏‏‎ Donator

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    1. Neither
    2. University
    3. Free Wi-Fi
    4. Fulfill my biggest wish
    5. Private jet
    6. Neither
    7. Amazon Gift Cards
    8. Date celebrity crush, because we can marry after HA
    9. Free gas
    10. Ninja
    11. Continue
    12. Fame and wealth
    13. Neither
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  9. Memeh

    Memeh -=>.<=- Donator

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    1. The way I die.
    2. Uni
    3. Free Apple products
    4. Biggest wish
    5. Private Jet
    6. Lightspeed
    7. Amazon, cause books <3 ill just get all the books i can :D
    8. Best Friends with celebrity
    9. Dream Car
    10. Pirate
    11. Continue
    12. Harry Potter
    13. Read Minds
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  10. KaiserVenom

    KaiserVenom Veteran Donator

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    1. Pick the year I die; I don't want to die a year from now sleeping or something.
    2. Have a university named after me, I'm not big on sports.
    3. Free wifi.
    4. Fulfill my biggest wish, when compared to my regrets they mean nothing.
    5. Have my own private island.
    6. Depends really. Am I forced to read people's minds all the time or do I get to choose exactly when I want to? Being able to travel at light speed sounds cool but you would probably end up hitting something.
    7. Have 100,000 dollars, I'm too lazy to redeem gift cards.
    8. I don't like any celebrities.
    9. Free gas for twenty-five years, thank you.
    10. Ninja.
    11. Continue, I have people to live for.
    12. Neither.
    13. See the future.
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  11. Smg

    Smg Retired | Also known as 'Phaithful' Donator

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    1. Pick the way I die. Doing this can assure that I go out a peaceful way, hopefully with my family around me.

    2. A Sport Stadium because I'm a baseball fan, and it'd be amazing to have one of their stadiums be named after myself.

    3. Free wifi as I don't even have any apple products at the moment.

    4. As much as I would love to resolve my biggest regrets, I got to understand that everything in life happens for a reason. I'm going with fulfilling my biggest wish.

    5. Private island. It would be just a place for me to go if I ever needed to relax and chill.

    6. Be able to travel at light speed. I wouldn't trust myself with the power of reading someone's mind, as I tend to have a hard time keeping my mouth shut.

    7. 1 million in Amazon gift cards. With this, and Amazon basically selling anything you need, I can focus on all the money I get IRL for college, a car, whatnot.

    8. Best friends forever with my favorite celebrity. The other choice could be awesome, but it wouldn't last. I want to hang with someone that I know that it would last a long time.

    9. My dream car. Yea, gas is pricey but getting the car out of the way can save money. I won't have to worry about getting another one for a long time, of course if nothing happens to it.

    10. Ninja m8

    11. As much as I have been suffering through stress/depression/sadness/etc, I don't want to restart my life. Besides how bad I've believed it is, it's actually pretty good and I don't want to possibly give this up.

    12. Live the life of fame and wealth. Yeah, Potter's world is cool but this makes it so I don't got to worry about my family having too little money, and I can get basically everything I would really need in life. College, a car, you know the deal.

    13. This one is a tough one, but I...I want to have the ability to read minds but never use it. I feel as if I ever saw the future, I may somehow mess things up because I know what would happen. And it would take away the vibe the future has, its unpredictability. As to why I would never read anyone's minds beside having the power, I just wouldn't trust myself as I said earlier.
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  12. PhantomStar

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    1. The year I die. Assuming I can pick any year I want, even if it's outside of the normal human lifespan, I can practically be immortal.
    2. University. Don't like sports all that much lol
    3. Wi-fi
    4. Biggest wish.
    5. Private jet. Tough one though!
    6. Read minds, as long as I can control this power and not have to use it all the time.
    7. 100k real cash. Tough one again, but buying a car and getting into uni is more important than all the useless stuff I'd buy from Amazon.
    8. Best friends. Don't need the gossip that the media will shart out about us when we break up.
    9. Free gas. That stuff's expensive yo.
    10. Yarr
    12. Harry Potter, assuming I go to Hogwarts and don't just live in the same universe as it.
    13. See the future since I can already read minds from question 6 lol
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  13. GalaxyPuffz

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    1. Year I die - BUT, when do I have to make that choice? Is it immediate or can I wait five to ten years before I can pick the year?
    2. University - You look cooler anyways; granted the university is successful as say Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, etc
    3. Free Apple Products - Erm... I can just sell them and make a living that way? Or become one of those Youtubers who destroy phones for a living
    4. Fulfill biggest wish - Look towards the future and don't dwell on your past
    5. Private Island - How big is it though?
    6. Read minds - It's more unique and is more interesting
    7. Amazon GC - Uh, It's Amazon. Literally you can buy anything off Amazon
    8. Be BFF's forever - Calum Hood... you'd be my best friend
    9. Dream Car - I can handle purchasing gas
    10. Pirate - I've watched all the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies and... well it seems more fun
    11. OH GOD... Restart? But would I still be ME just given a different 'set of cards' lets say?
    12. Harry Potter - C'mon. Would you rather be wealthy or able to do magic
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  14. antibullyranger

    antibullyranger ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Donator

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    1. The year I die so I can be immortal, but if I pick a date far out of the human lifespan I could probably assume my cause of death.
    2. University because people get way into sports and that shit is scary.
    3. Wi-fi.
    4. Fulfill my wish.
    5. Private Jet.
    6. Speed of light. I thought about it and I don't think I'm very interested in knowing everyones private thoughts and feelings. Also, moving at the speed of light would mean being able to run over water, so you can basically go where ever you want in no time. (Assuming you can actually move at the speed of light safely)
    7. Amazon, you can buy anything there anyways.
    8. Best friends.
    9. Free gas.
    10. Be a ninja.
    11. Continue.
    12. Tbh neither but if I had to pick one it would be fame and wealth.
    13. See the future.
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  15. Netherr

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    1. I would rather choose the way I die. Since I would rather die naturally (due to old age), the year I will die would more or less be something I'd be okay with.
    2. I would rather have a university named after myself. Having a sport named after myself would feel weird TBH.
    3. I would rather have Free WiFi everywhere I go. Not too big of a fan of Apple products. Only really like the iPads.
    4. I would rather fulfill my biggest wish. Don't really believe in regrets holding me back.
    5. I would rather have a private island, sounds cool.
    6. I would rather be able to read minds. Explanation would be too long and detailed so I'm not going to bother explaining so.
    7. Either would do since I don't really know what to do with my cash at this point.
    8. I would rather be best friends with my favorite celebrity. Don't really have an explanation for this aside from the fact that dating knowing that it would end in two years is slightly saddening.
    9. I would rather be a ninja. Why would anybody want to be a pirate, lol.
    10. I would rather continue my life. I enjoy my life.
    11. I would rather live in the life of wealth and fame, especially since I'm not really a fan of Harry Potter.
    12. I would rather see the future as I already choose to be able to read people's minds in the 6th question.
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