An Open Letter to ItsJerryAndHarry of 2016

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    Dear ItsJerryAndHarry community:

    For the past 20ish months I have been an active member in this community, as 2015 comes to an end I would like to talk about my past, present, and future here on IJAH. This will be long, but I would be greatfull if you read through this carefully.

    I think one of the biggest lessons I can give you guys is staff. Anyone that wants to become staff might find this helpful. But first maybe a little background to give you some context.

    My journey started on IJAH in September of 2013, I would play OITC. The only reason I have an opening day account on the forums was because by coincidence I had to report someone, and it so happened to be the third of November. However I was not really involved in the community until late March of 2014, were I reported someone on the forums again. This time I poked around the forums a bit more, and saw staff applications. I applied. Like most people, I was naive and thought I would become staff instantly. So I stuck around the forums, in hopes of achieving staff. June came, and promotions came in. Heatdude, Rockor, Audrey, and Wolf got promoted. As time went on I met some friends, however I was still hoping on getting staff. By now I had joined teamspeak. I met Eli, YFIOTR, Jessie, Leopeard_Lover21, Caity, Heatdude, Cobra, Loling, John, Star, Pyro, Perc, and Others. Some of my favorite memories were the recording sessions I had with YFIOTR and Eli.

    At this point my reason that of being on the forums only to be staff was gone. I had friends, and I seemed to be fairly well liked. School rolls around, and I begin to put staff on the back burner, something that would be nice to have, but I can live, this is because most of the people getting promoted were way more experienced than me, and no one in my group except for Caity, Jessie, Heat, and Perc (who was a helper when the server first came out) ever had a shot at staff.

    I was able to keep my head out of my ass until YFIOTR got promoted. While I was happy for Yfi, I was kind of jealous. However Evan was miles ahead of any of us in that group. By this time some people in the group I had were changing, people I used to be with all the time on Teamspeak seemed to not like me. I will fault myself for this. However I still had many friends on teamspeak, and enjoyed my time.

    Then in November YFIOTR, Eli, and Star, people I hung out with a lot all got promoted. Again I was happy for all of them Granted I was a little jealous at first, but It wore off. Christmas last year Cobra and Loling get the promotion. Again two people I were, at the time, friends with. However they both seemed to be a level ahead of me, so it seemed reasonable.

    One idea that popped into my head was the status of my application. Once they added the accepted and denied application subsections, my app was on the very last page of open apps, With almost all of these guys I just mentioned there applications achieved some sort of celebrity status, something that mine did not.. I decided to apply once more.

    My application went over well. I began to be feel more confident in myself. As I said before almost everyone in my group by now has had a shot at staff. I thought I was close. I seemed to be on top of the world, my app went well, and I had a lot of friends in staff. I quickly got this expectation that I would get promoted soon. To ensure that I would be, I started reporting lots of people,. and everything I saw. My hope was that I would get staff off of that.

    March rolls around, and more people get promoted, people like Mappy Turtle who I had known for a short time. However I noticed I was not in that group. Fast forward to June, and John gets promoted. By now, with the exception to Leo, who was ineligible due to age and pyro who was inactive, had a chance of staff, and I did not. I also noticed less experienced people, people that had been around shorter than I had, started getting promoted.

    You see a year ago almost no one I knew had staff, however a year from now almost everyone I was around got a shot a staff, and I did not. With this a sort of desperation kicked in. When everyone else around you gets something that you have wanted for so long, and you don't get it, you get this feeling of uncertainty.

    Now to be clear, the only person to blame for me not getting staff is my own. Regardless of the reason, be it legit or fake, it sprung from my action. However this confused me because I thought I was doing a great job, after all I was reporting lots of people. However this concept of becoming staff had consumed me, I was so focused on being staff, I stopped enjoying my time, I was so concerned on the amount of reports I can turn out, how good I looked, I ended up not enjoying my time on the server as much as I used to.

    Then I came to the realization: My friends were not promoted because of what they did, but who they were. You see they were not promoted because of an insane amount of reports, providing advice on applications, or replying to the help section, even if the answer is wrong. Their own merit and character demonstrated that they had potential, and the attitude they need for staff.

    This is a lesson that I had to learn the hard way. Something that I wish I could change. I cant, I made a mistake. This is something that I think a lot of you need to learn. Don't let staff consume you. Just enjoy your self. Staff want to see a genuine character, one that they know will not change when you get power, This is something that I encourage all of you to figure out, don't make the mistake I made.

    With this revelation, I loosened up a bit. And I decided it was time to step out of my comfort zone. This is what I have been doing recently. One of the things I have done is take a critical stance against the popular opinion. Im don’t really want to start that debate here, however I have noticed something, and I propose a challenge.

    Over that past few months I have noticed that some users, and I can include myself, dont have an open mind, or dont understand someone, but are quick to judge. I think everyone can benefit by keeping a more open mind. Let me give you some examples.

    One of the things that people need to realize is that the tables have turned between this community. The minorities of society have become the majorities in our community. Likewise, the majority in today's society, seem to be the minorities in this community. I consider myself to be in the society majority, even though Im not a typical 11th grade guy, not even close. But considering that I'm white, “cis”, and Christian, it's safe to make that assumption of where I am.

    This community on the other hand is way more diverse. And thats great. Its awesome that people who in the minority of society can connect with people they otherwise would not of.

    It also has allowed me to learn things that I would other wise be naive to. I have grown to understand people better. More specifically,I have learned to understand the LGBT+ community better. I still have work to do, I will always have work to do. But I can say that Im learning and improving more.

    What I have been working on is not tolerance, it's understanding, being able to put myself in someone else's shoes.

    I have ALWAYS been tolerant and accepting towards LGBT+ people. Who you want to be, and who you want to have a relationship with is none of our business. As long as it consensual, no one should really care. Just let people be happy.

    However I have not really understood what being LGBT+ means, and sometimes I have done/said things that were probably not the best thing to say. Not because I wanted to offend someone, but because I was ignorant. However I made it a goal to change that.

    But let's flip the tables:

    One thing I have noticed that there seems to be a fair amount of harsh feelings towards the majority of society, more specifically Christians in general. And this is where I want to challenge you guys.

    To be fair, most allegations about christians are not baseless. Homophobia is problem in the church, one that I don't agree with. And yes, christians are naive. and some say things that many of you will disagree with.

    However I find it interesting that many of you don't have a clear understanding of Christianity. To be clear, Christianity is not about sending people to hell, it's not about judging people, it's not about exclusion. It's actually the opposite of these things. Yes I realize that some groups have used Christianity to do so, however they are missing the point. If you want an explanation, ask me. I'm not going into detail here.

    However some of you are very quick to pass judgement, even though you don't understand what it is. You have decided that christianity is full of hate, without doing any research. I know some of you have had bad experiences with christians, and Im sorry it had to go that way. However like Islam, the actions of few should not define an entire group, and a large group at that.

    My point is this: As I have learned more about the LGBT+ community, and continue to have an open mind, I think alot of you need to have an open mind about Christianity, and other things in society that you dont agree with.

    By no means do you have to join a church, or become religious, you are free to chose, in fact that's a key principal to christianity; free will. Im also not saying that one is lesser then the other.

    Here is the bottom line of the point Im trying to make: the ignorance that, some, christians have to muslims and LGBT+ people, I think is the same ignorance that some of you have against things in society. I challenge some of you to change that.

    I have learned that it's one thing to say you accept someone. Its another to understand what they believe, you don't have to agree, but at least understand.

    And honestly if the whole Christian thing is to unbearable, keeping an open mind is something that many of you need to work on, my self included. Many of you will act high and mighty when someone has wronged you. However you your self have fucked up before, and wanted to be accepted. Again, take a walk in someone elses shoes. One example I can think of was when ben made the santa thread. While I know why you were mad, I know some of you have been in the same situation, defenseless and apologizing. However many of you might as well of fliped him off, and gave him the cold shoulder.

    Again keep an open mind of someone. Dont be so hrash to someone who is admiting they fucked up.

    Some of you dont think well of me, you know who you are. I tend to not be the most popularr person when it comes to my beliefs, and thats fine you dont have to agree with them. However I challenge you to keep an open mind, the same open mind that you want people to have when they think of you.

    You might not like reading what I just wrote, but keep in mind this is a challenge, its going somewhere you have not gone before, you might have to step out of your comfort zone. Acceptance and understanding is a two way street, something that everyone has to learn.

    So far I've given to pieces of great advice, so what's next?

    Honestly I don't know. Im halfway through my Junior year, soon I will be a senior, and in 20 months Ill be living at college. Where life takes me I dont know.

    I would still like to get staff, that's never going to change. It's okay to want staff. It's not okay to be desperate for it. That's something I'll have to improve on. I must confess that I had hoped to achieve staff by the end of this year, that obviously did not work out.

    However this year was not a waste, I met more friends, and learned a valuable lesson.

    I will continue to challenge people's thinking, while keeping an open mind to the people around me.

    I hope to stay with this server until at least 2017, if not later. I want to try to be more personal, and less robotic. My personality tends to restrict that, as I like to follow the rules, but we will see.

    2015 was a year. Not a good year, not a bad year, it was a year. I became more confident, in who i am, but at the expense of my mistakes.

    Who know what will happen in 2016, maybe the server won't exist a year from now. Maybe Ill be a co-owner, if that happens hell has probably frozen over.

    The one thing I can guarantee that will happen in 2016 is me continuing to become a better person in this community.

    This was a long one, I've been writing and revising this thing for the past five hours. I thank everyone for reading this.


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    This took me an hour to read. But really freaking inspiring.

    Happy new year!
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    I wonder who read and who scrolled.
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    really well put, scout. you gave really good advice about staff (something that i can semi-relate to) and you have amazing points about lgbt and people being so quick to judge a whole religion based on certain events. happy new year scout :)
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    Unprepossessing (MappyTurtle)
    Very nicely written (Yes I did read all)

    The way I applied for Staff, I did it as a "I would like to do it, but it's not my main goal".
    > Which is something you mentioned yourself.

    Just enjoy your friends, be active and contribute.

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    The ones who scroll are missing out :)
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    [Hero] TheNinjaFury // TheEmperorOfFury
    I've never really come across you before Scout, though I'm glad that I now have. I read through the whole thing, and I agree with about 99% of what you wrote. I hope that sometime in the future you will get staff, as it looks like you now are ready for it.
    -TheNinja ;)
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    Wow, just... Wow.
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    I still remember the days when I could constantly hang out with Lila, Eli, Star, Warden, etc. My friends were awesome. But there came a time when Eli and Lila became staff members. Then warden left. After Star's promotion, I thought it was no use. I left for about 2 months. When I came back, Star was demoted so I began a riot. Also, I can now speak with star through steam because she is not busy solving reports all day. I quit steam for a while, so I went about in creative1 as a Loner. It was boring of course, so I went to build comps and stuff like that. Then came the time when the server updated to 1.8. I started my banner shop right away. I lost the banners somehow and cleared my plot. I built a TDI, and so, I met @Braylen, who is amazing. As I updated the TDI, I became friends with Jere541, who later got premium. A few days later, Jere became inactive and Braylen was in AgarPvP, so I moved there for a while. Then he went on to KitPvP, and I didn't like it. I went back to creative, and I started to build a New Years party. It's huge right now. I met iluvmxc and mpraps, then I met AnimeIsFab, LostSentinent, LegoBoy110502 and L33tfox. I am happy I could have met them, and I want you to know, that if you have no friends, there is still hope. And scout, I know how it feels to be jealous of your friends. Heck, I broke a vase when rock or was promoted :P
    Good luck in the future,
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    Reading this was amazing. All of your effort was put into this and I am proud that you took the time writing this. You are and always have been a hard-worker and I believe that you are one of the most dedicated people I have seen on this server. I also won't forget that you were the first person to post something on my wall c:
    happy new years!
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    Every word was wonderful to read. I think you'd be great and ready to achieve staff. I agree with a lot of things you've said like having a more open mind. Ignorance is the problem on the server, and you've explained that well. 2015 was a year as you said and was the past. 2016 is here to say hi to you and wish you good luck. 2016 is where your future lies. Hopefully 2016 is better? maybe the same? worse? Just remember you'll be fine. I thank you for writing this. [​IMG]
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    Each word you wrote was wonderful, and it was an enjoyable experience to read this entire letter. The topics you bring up, and give opinions on are important. I agrees with a large amount of the things you said. You brought up your own journey in 2015, and allowed us to have a glimpse into your mindset. As the prior year is the past now it's only a journey to improve life in 2016. I wish you the best of luck in school and later on in university. Your way of thought is almost as if you are a follower Socrates, challenging the thoughts of others. You will succeed maybe more than others, but thank you for posting this wonderful open letter.
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    (gave account to little sister)
    Whoa so many words. I can't say I really care about all this but god damn. A weirdly huge essay about inspiring views and stuff for some random online Minecraft server forum.

    I myself always wanted to be staff here but I eventually stopped caring about this online community, and I guess I know how you feel because apparently half the people I knew from here are now staff, but I don't really care much. You guys are lucky to see me here at all.

    (I remember when you were some random new member who joined like a month ago.)
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    The New York Times editorial board and its constituents often write things about self improvement and introspection. They'd eat this up. I'm glad that you took the time to organize your reflection and give us all your two cents. (But I'm pretty sure that these words are more like a dime a dozen, haha.)
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    This thread is loooooooooooooooooooooooong. Don't worry though, I read it all =)
    Every word was lovely, I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for writing this. You put all of your effort in it c=

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    Yay i read it all!
    Great job writing this, three hours well spent.
    And congratulations on two years here. I hope to continue seeing you in this community. c:
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    Nice text you got there, but, man...

    Why is everything Staff related being taken out of the context here?
    People have a completely wrong picture of this role on Minecraft servers.

    I am not saying it's not ok for staff members to have fun and all, play with friends, etc.

    But, process of "hiring" new staff members is just like hiring people to work for your organization in real life.
    Administration and employers are always looking to hire the most capable, professional, etc. people with most potential.
    Everything comes in consideration. Your skills, experience, your background, etc.

    Yes, Minecraft server staff recruitment process is not as detailed as real life cases.
    But, still. Better qualified people will be selected for the position.
    I am not saying you're not good enough to be a staff member, or that you're being disliked or anything.
    There simply may be someone a little bit more qualified at the time you apply. You shouldn't give up if you're determined in this.
    Determination is also a key attribute in things like this.

    However, as I said, too many people here see Staff role as a rank, a rank which can be achieved.
    It is not a rank, nor it is a position reserved for extremely active and old players.

    It is a role which can only be handled by qualified individuals.
    Time spent on the server, post and likes count have little/nothing to do with it. And that's what people fail to understand.
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    thats what I was trying to point out :), and the recent promotions prove that.
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    I gave up on the 2nd line