60th Place is No More?! ELO leaderboard glitch (with detailed description)

Discussion in 'Report Bugs' started by nixisawesome, Apr 16, 2021.

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    I'm going to cut to the chase. I think I know why the 60th position is somewhat glitched, here's why:
    Because jellymoon's position is bugged because his ELO Rating is currently at Diamond from when I'm posting this thread and it displays as platnium. HOWEVER: A lot of people may/may not know that Kaiisawesome95 has an alt named "eightyonepee" which if we check the name history for "jellymoon" you can clearly see that there is 2 jellymoons, HOWEVER again: Why would this affect the ELO Board from not working properly? Well you see: Kai has basically retired from OITC a couple months ago and the last time he logged onto his alternate account was with the name "jellymoon", he hasn't logged on since, HOWEVER: he changed his name back to "eightyonepee" and still hasn't logged on to ItsJerryandHarry as his most recent username. And then jellymoon (as in jellymoon290, jelllymoon, Je_lly, cheeebus) has changed his name to "jellymoon", this is what made the 60th position glitched because it kept Kais Alt's ELO on the board and completely didn't add jellymoon's name onto the leaderboard.

    This is another thing that doesn't make too much sense but on the main leaderboard: jellymoon's stats are completely fine on the Level Leaderboard, the only issue is just the Leaderboard - Skill Rating (ELO board).

    Solution Ideas to Fix The ELO leaderboard: Keep it how it is, Stat wipe Kai's Alt (Don't recommend doing because it may affect jelly's stats so just keep it how it is), Pray that Kai logs back on J&H on his alt.

    Let me know if I possibly missed anything.

    testtttttt.png testtttttttt.PNG
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    manually updated eightyonepee's username in the database
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