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    ~Summarized Rules~
    These rules are subject to change without notice.
    Failure to comply may result in a (permanent) ban from our services.

    Be nice to others
    No racism, no sexism, no bullying, no trolling.
    Limit profanity use: swearing, vulgarity, offensive language.
    (Forums) Don't create E-drama. (5 warning points)
    Don't scam or do business with real money / products of monetary value.

    No Inappropriateness
    Keep it G: No nudity, graphical content, inappropriate builds, etc.
    No skins that show nudity or offensive graphics.

    Don't Spam
    Repeating the same messages.
    Overuse of CAPS and symbols. !@#%$&*()
    Advertisements, URLs, or IPs.
    (Forums) Oversize text or pictures.
    (Forums) Don't Double post. Use the edit button.
    (Forums) Do not bump threads. Bumping is the act of reviving old and/or irrelevant threads. Anything older than 30 days may be deleted if it is deemed as irrelevant or unnecessary by staff.
    (Forums) Don't request locks or deletes from staff.
    No mini-modding, report it and leave it to staff.

    No Alt-accounts
    (Forums) One forum account per person.
    Don't impersonate.
    Do not use VPN services. You are responsible for the internet connection you use to connect to our services. If your IP matches that of a hacker because you used a VPN, your account will be banned.
    (Server) Alt accounts are allowed, unless they are used to bypass bans. In case of bypass, any known alts will be banned.

    Do not ruin the experience for others
    Don't exploit bugs. Report them instead.
    Don't use mods/hacks that give you an advantage.
    Malicious behavior such as team-killing is not allowed.
    Do not create anything with the purpose of harming the server's performance.

    Obey Staff
    Respect our authority. No, we aren't wanna-be cops...
    But it's the only effective way to moderate an online community.

    For a much more detailed version of the rules:

    TL;DR: Use common sense.
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