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    Your username: nixisawesome

    In which minigame/server does the bug occur: OITC

    Detailed description of bug: Basically something isn't right. More then "something" actually

    1: The Sidebar: (My games was at 21 but because I left the game It went to 22: THATS NORMAL BTW, BUT HOWEVER: I go to creative and then go back to OITC and It says 21) - This has happened to multiple people btw, they've either not realized it or another issue is also in. (I think it also affects the leaderboard as well but it's confusing)

    2: Stats getting randomly buffed: yeah I had like at least 10 wins from today because I was just with like Du_ck & Trevor like the entire time and then somehow Idk when it happened I now have 100 something wins and It increased by W/G By like a LOT (It's happened to a lot of people too)

    3: Random Message Appears: "You are dead and cannot move!" - This message randomly appears whether it be in public games or 1v1s. Test.png

    4: FlyCombo/NoHitDelay: People get sent to Mars when people are hitting eachother:

    I'll probably put more. sometime whenever I get the chance
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    Stats will be fixed next server restart (already mentioned this in OITC thread).
    Hit Delay hasn't changed, lmk later if it's still an issue, but that clip seems fairly normal.

    The "random" message isn't random. When you die, you get teleported to your next spawn position instantly. If you're moving, it rubberbands you back and gives you that message. It only appears when you're moving with the blindness effect on and are dead. It was initially added in for gunfight, but then we gave gunfight a spectate mode instead of just keeping you dead. Will remove the message since it's not important.

    tldr; None of these are current issues.

    Also, you missed one bug regarding gunfight, but, it's already been patched too :)
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