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    Okay, so you guys probably don't remember, but I posted a thread a little bit ago that was all about fanfiction, what people thought about it in general.

    I admitted something in that thread that I was very hesitant about making public because I am, quite honestly, self-conscious beyond beliefs about what this may say about me in all of your eyes. But, a part of me... a small part of me has been itching and nagging at my insides to finally share my work, because it's something I am honestly really proud of. Like, I look at this thing I've written, and even though it is a fanfiction story and nothing else, I feel a sense of.. accomplishment. Because it's ultimately mine. Something I created, something I spent countless hours on trying to perfect.

    I don't know the way you'll all react to it; if anything, I'm expecting myself to look like a clown...and to probably regret posting this in the first place. But, risks are meant to be taken, right? Something like that, I don't know.

    Anyhow, below is a spoiler where I will be posting the link to my fanfiction, alongside a short explanation on what it is, the fandom it's a part of, and why I decided to write it in the first place.

    Without further adieu... please be nice..

    The fanfiction story I have written/am currently writing is based on...

    I know, I know. You're probably thinking, "What? What in the hell is a 'Tangled'?"

    Well, 'Tangled' is a Disney movie that was released back in 2010. It's, quite honestly, one of, if not my most, favorite Disney movies that I've ever seen. The story itself is quite impactful and adventurous. It follows a girl named Rapunzel, a Princess of this Kingdom called Corona (which is quite ironic) who was kidnapped and abducted shortly after her birth because of the magical abilities her hair held that could heal quite literally any wound. Her abductor was a witch who had been using this Magical Golden Flower for centuries to keep herself young, and she only abducted the child because the Kingdom of Corona had found her flower, and used it to help heal the Queen (who was pregnant with the Princess).

    Yadda yadda, she's been locked up inside this tower her whole life up until her 18th birthday. That's when a charming, devilish rogue named Flynn Rider stumbles upon her prison, and through some blackmail, she manages to convince him to take her out to see these floating lanterns that always appear each year on her birthday.

    That's a basic summary of the movie. Now, what really sparked my inspiration to write a story for the fandom was when I leaned that there had actually been an animated TV show made based off the movie and the aftermath. Obviously, the movie and show were made for kids, but they addressed some serious issues/topics which got me absolutely hooked.

    And that's where I am. I had basically fallen in love with the movie and show over this quarantine time, and finally decided one day after countless hours of dabbling some incomplete stories that I wanted to try my hand at actually writing my own spin on things. This was back in early April.

    I had written many chapters before my first initial posting on May 6th. And since then, the story has evolved into something so much greater than anything I could have ever imagined. Originally it was meant to be a story detailing some fun and relaxing scenes with the two main characters (Eugene, formally named Flynn Rider, and Rapunzel) but I actually... was able to come up with a story, a clear story at that. And I have so many current ideas with my own original characters and creations now, too.

    Writing this fanfiction has really reminded myself just how much I like to write. I'm majoring in English for college, but have always wanted to get into Journalism (sports journalism) in some sort of way. Though, with this story, my mind is open to just... writing in general, now.

    The website I've posted it on uses a unique rating system, and my story is rated 'T' for mild cursing and some severe/dramatic topics implied.

    If you're interested (I hope at-least someone is so this wasn't for nothing), then here's the link:
    Though, I must warn you: it probs wont make any sense unless you've seen the movie/watched the TV show. Lol, but that's probably for all fanfictions anyway.

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