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    After been playing kit for some time. I've noticed the amount of hackers in the area. I also learned how helpers can only watch and record the hackers but can't take action. By the time staff comes online, it's already too late. This problem is extremely frustrating to players and could ruin the enjoyment for them and if this problem goes on, kit wouldn't be a pleasure playing. Thinking about the issue. I came and listed some ways that could help reduce the amount of hackers in the area.

    1. As you know, helpers can only warn and record players. I thought of a solution for how helpers can help ban blatant cheaters. For instance, if a player gets warn 5 times in a day or gets warned a certain amount they get banned for 24 hours. This can be a way to solve issues with blatant hackers. Helpers can just warn the blatant hackers till they get banned and report the information to mod or a higher staff member for a longer ban.

    2. A better anti-cheat. I'm not saying the server is trash and the anti-cheat is garbage. I just believe there are plenty of well known, stable and free anti-cheats that could do an outstanding job. For example, the server "VeltPvp" has an incredible anti-cheat and it was leaked a year ago. Meaning people with servers are able to copy the anti-cheat and apply it to their servers. This can help resolve the issue with blatant hackers and staff won't have to come on constantly. Which can give them some rest.

    3 VPN Blocker. As Recopied said in his forum post, this can prevent players from going to an alt and just hack blatantly on players. This means staff can easily see the owner of the blatant hackers and can just ban them. Furthemore in Recopied post

    Hopefully some action will be taken to find the solution to this.
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    there is this already, but it's only for chat
    being worked on
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    To add on to what Trrevor said on this topic, the warning system is only used for chat and there's a reason for that. I've seen this suggestion of a "hack warn" a lot, both on the forums and on the server itself, and although it's been answered before I'll give an explanation for this. (Source: I'm an ex-mod+ and 2-year staff member).

    Helpers are (mostly) new staff members, and they're given lots of power through the warning system. It can result in kicks, mutes, and even bans, and for a player who previously had no power, that's actually quite a lot. To not only give them jurisdiction over chat but also power over gameplay (hacking, scamming, bypassing, etc.) would mean new staff members have no time to learn how to use power appropriately and, even though they might have the best intentions, could lead to a lot of other issues.

    This isn't to say helpers aren't capable of dealing with hackers. Many are, and when they show that they'll likely get promoted if they prove they're ready. And some helpers aren't great at identifying hackers (not trying to call anybody out, just speaking historically here) and their time as a helper is a great time to learn how to do so. I understand it can be frustrating dealing with hackers, but there's a reason why helpers can only deal with chat issues.

    Also, I don't want to seem like this post is saying "Helpers aren't ready, they're not capable of catching hackers or the pressure of a ban" or something like that. They're chosen to be staff for a reason and it's great that we have them.

    Hope this helped! (:
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