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Nov 11, 2022
Nov 3, 2013
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Coolegg Student


Former Mod, Male, from Texas


I & the Echo Build Team have moved to a new Minecraft server w/ a strong community. If you are interested, DM me on discord at Twage#3836. Nov 11, 2022

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Nov 11, 2022
    1. TwageTomato
      I wonder what it's like having dreams. I don't sleep enough to have that experience.
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    2. CaptainJackValdy
      Holy fuck I remember you from the Louise stories. Didn't know you were still alive. What's up?
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      2. TwageTomato
        Oh, not much. College mostly.
        Oct 15, 2017
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    3. TwageTomato
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      2. tence3000
        I loved that thread and story as it has such depth and meaning. Props to you for writing it. The reason I didn't post on the thread is because I don't want to ruin it tbh. It has such a deep but great meaning that generally I don't know what to reply to it.
        Oct 9, 2017
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    4. TwageTomato
    5. Magical
      Damn you've been here for a long time I remember you from the old days
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      2. TwageTomato
        Yeah, I've been around for at least 4 years. Figured it was about time to give Helper the old college try (since I'm in college now)
        Sep 18, 2017
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    6. Onye
      Just looking at how bright your future is going to be. Congratulations.

      / \
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    7. thesaber903
      Wait, what the fuck?
      How did you become s-
      Oh, I was in school.
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    8. DerBenji
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    9. Bruhtrash
      Congrats! Welcome to the staff team!
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    10. RulerofMobs
      Congratulations getting helper! honestly surprised you didn't get it earlier.
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    11. Cxte
      Congratulations welcome to the team!
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    12. Jacob_
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    13. Stv
      congrat stick
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    14. tence3000
      Good Job! You're gonna do great!
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    15. Auxilium
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    16. TwageTomato
      Thank you to everyone who helped me get to where I am today, and for all the support I hope you give me in the future. :D
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      2. TwageTomato
        I also updated my profile info again
        Sep 8, 2017
    17. Smg
      GG! Welcome to Warnsville!
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    18. dreamvlle
      congrats & good luck!
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    19. Contemptible
      Good thing I won't be on much or I'll have to listen to you ;). Congratulations, Twage! Well deserved.
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    20. tahani
      Congrats on staff, Twig (:
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    Coolegg Student
    Hello there, I'm Eric. I'm a college student attending university in Texas, studying computer science and minoring in vocal performance. I know Java, C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MASM, and I am learning a few other languages. I am a professional singer and choir member, and have been singing since the age of 5. But you don't care too much about that, do you? You want to know about the Minecraft character by the name of Twage, not the super-busy guy behind the desk playing as him.

    First things first, my original name was TwageTomato, a sort-of parody on PwnagePotato's name. In the peaceful survival world, I have become a renowned builder, known for having an unhinged ambition for creating extremely large, yet intricately detailed builds. My crippling flaw, however, is that I have difficulty seeing projects through to their end on my own. This is where my friends come in - more on them later.

    I am also known for my intellect, problem and puzzle solving capabilities, conflict resolution, argument mediation, and giver of life advice, encouragement, and other forms of help. If you ever just need someone to talk to, to vent to, or even to ask for advice from, I can help.

    As for my career on J&H: I've been around on the server since April 23rd, 2013 and have consistently played ever since, up until I left in October of 2015. After a short-lived 3-month comeback in the summer of 2016, I left again as college started up for me in August. I then returned once more, this time for good I hope, earlier this year (2017) in February. This makes for a good 3 years of experience with the server, the majority of which has been spent in peaceful survival and its predecessors.

    I was promoted to Helper on September 8th, 2017, and then to Moderator on December 14th, 2017. I resigned on June 1st, 2018. I hope I did a good job serving all of the people of the community who have been there for me.

    In peaceful survival where I most often play, I co-founded the faction Zambi along with IllKms (ngkizzy2003) and Zombeh (MrZombehGames), both of whom are long time friends of mine, even if they're somewhat inactive nowadays. However, in March of 2017, I left Zambi in the care of Zombeh, and I am now a head officer of Sir_Tealsworth's faction, Echo.

    I have made new friends in Echo:
    - The master builder himself, Sir_Tealsworth, who is quite smart, rational, and keeps the faction very well-organized. This man plans entire castles in an advanced, down to a block-by-block basis, from pure imagination and memory.
    - The_Stevester, who has his quirks, but is nonetheless talented in building, humorous, and helpful.
    - Final_Ninja, who is incredibly mature for his age, though he has his moments. He is a good friend though, and comes up with some really cool concepts for building.
    - Neptnvian, who is strikingly similar to Tealsworth in many ways, but more laid back. He doesn't have the same crazy ambition teal does, but sometimes a bit of relaxation and decompression is needed, especially with how crazy I can get with my building ambitions at times. Nept knows how to dial things back when it counts.
    - Last but not least, Krafter (KraftingThings/UnhealthyHabits/WhyCrafter). This guy can be immature at times and have a somewhat one-track mind, but when his mind is set on something that helps the faction, he gets things done. Need a roof? Boom. Dig a hole? Already empty.

    I've always loved this server and the friends that play on it alongside me, and I have done my best to encourage newcomers to join in. While people have come and gone over the years, the community has remained strong, kind, and helpful. I cherish all of the fond memories this server has made for me, from my very beginnings to my eventual status as an expert builder of survival and official Helper.

    Well, enough about me and my story. Go! Make your own story! Have a good time on this server, and enjoy the friends you'll make here! The community is there for you - it's one of the best ones you'll find.