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  1. ~PandaCaity

    ~PandaCaity Helper Staff Member Helper

    IGN: legokid1122
    Reason: spammer
    Proof: 2013-12-03_18.15.26.png
    Rank: Regular
  2. Euh, that doesn't really show much.
  3. With what Teddie said, doesn't show much.
    I think you screenshot In the time legokid1122 wasn't spamming.
  4. Uhm... saying it once isn't spamming...
  5. ~PandaCaity

    ~PandaCaity Helper Staff Member Helper

    Mm. Okay well I did see him do it more than once. Even then the symbols are not allowed...or are they???
  6. Symbols are allowed o-o
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  7. XenonHD

    XenonHD Mod+ Staff Member Moderator

    Even if a mod is online, that is only usually a kick, unless the player consistently continues with it.
    But because you've only shown one part of him spamming, no action will be taken.
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